Meadowlark Elementary Extended Studies Program

Montana State Law – Gifted and Talented Children 10-55-840 and 20-7-901

Definitions. As used in this part the following definitions apply:

“Gifted and talented children” means children of outstanding abilities who are capable of high performance and require differentiated educational programs beyond those normally offered in public schools in order to fully achieve their potential contribution to self and society. The children so identified include those with demonstrated achievement or potential ability in a variety of worthwhile human endeavors.

Our mission states “Chinook Public Schools will provide a secure environment that Prioritizes Learning while envisioning future opportunities and challenges.” Our goal is to meet the needs of all students. Students with high abilities often need more than the regular educational program provides. The purpose of our “Extended Studies” program is to provide a learning environment flexible enough to allow a diversity of options in order to maximize their potential and offer new challenges.

Meadowlark School Identification Procedures:

1. The tools used to screen for and help identify gifted students will be the MAP test and Dibels screening. In grades 3-6 we will also be using Smarter Balanced test scores as available.
2. The next step in the identification process will be for the classroom teacher and parents
to complete the Kingore Inventory Survey.
3. Teachers when referring a student for the extended studies program should keep in mind that students should possess all three traits:
a. Above average ability
b. Task commitment
c. Creative ability

Teachers are asked to review students with a checklist of characteristics and refer students who would fall into the gifted area.
The last step in the identification process is for referred students to be given the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test.
Students receiving a score of 120 or stronger will be considered for the program.

Note: The Gifted and Talented team will review the data and evaluate each student’s talents and potential. The process will include multiple assessments remembering not to place too much emphasis on any one instrument.

Gifted Program Criterion: Curriculum and Instruction

The Meadowlark curriculum for each subject area will be reviewed with each gifted learner in mind.
An individualized plan will be developed for each student with the team and parents meeting to develop the plan.
The teachers will differentiate the material to meet each student’s needs. In addition to differentiated instruction, students will also be involved in small group activities designed to include higher level thinking skills and problem
solving skills. The use of technology will aide in developing the program for each student.


The district is using “Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) to assist with the identification of Gifted students and also to evaluate their growth.