Here you’ll find assignments for students who are currently participating in a counseling group. Feel free, however, to explore any and all of the group materials, whether or not your child is in that particular group, or any group, for that matter!

Please let me know if you need a printed copy of any of the materials posted here. If you would like to discuss your assignment, feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email! I’d love to hear from you! 




1st and 2nd grade Superflex
3rd and 4th grade Superflex Friendship
5th and 6th grade Superflex social skills
Frustration Tolerance

Assignment #1- When we talk about tolerating frustrating things, we are also talking about developing a growth mindset. I’ll be posting more information about having a growth mindset soon. For now, please answer the prompts in the worksheet posted below. (It is set up to write one answer a day, but please feel free to work at your own pace.)



Assignment #1- This week your task is to thoughtfully complete the following worksheet.  Resilience worksheet #1

The Amigos

The better we treat ourselves, the better we treat others! This week’s assignment is all about boosting self esteem! Please thoughtfully compete the worksheet below. Remember that it is equally important to be a good friend to yourself! 

Assignment #1

Conflict Resolution


Here you will find guidance lesson materials and videos for each grade level.